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This is a donation form for Dakota Ridge Sports Association's Operation "Bounce Back".  This is a fundraiser to help our organization rebuild our Easton Outdoor Batting Cages that were completely destroyed in the May 2022 spring storm.  We had just finished spending $15,000 to renovate them the month before the snow storm hit and demolished all the new work.  It is also a fundraiser to help us buy a new ATV and baseball field supplies that were so thoughtlessly and hatefully stolen out of our supply shed (with a sturdy lock on it) at the end of June.  The shed has already had a new door and lock put on it, as that was our first priority.  Any donations made to this organization for this fundraiser will be matched by 1.25 by a very generous anonymous donor.  We hope to be back on our feet and "bouncing back" from these occurrances in no time!